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DIY Updated Dining Chairs

DIY Updated Dining Chairs

Ever since I finished my Farmhouse Inspired Dining Table I have wanted to redo my dining chairs to complete the set. As usual school, work, and life overall happened. However, I finally had a chance to complete my dining set. Let's get to it!

I bought two of my dining chairs years ago at Value Village for $7.99 each! Yes...$7.99 ! You can't beat that price. The other two were from a friend who was about to throw them out...of course I took them!

I tried something new this time around...chalk paint!!! I have been wanting to try this for a while because there is no prep needed to use this paint. No stripping, no sanding, no priming etc. I jump at any opportunity to save time! 

Here's what the chairs looked like before: 

Step 1: I removed the seat cushions by unscrewing them from the chair base and wiped the chairs down with tack cloth to remove all dust particles before painting. 

Step 2: I used a chip brush and Deco Art Americana Decor Chalk Paint in Carbon  to apply two coats of paint. The chip brush did leave brush strokes, but as it dried the paint leveled out to a smooth finish. 

Step 3: After I allowed the paint to dry, I used a microfiber cloth to apply one coat of the clear Deco Art Americana Decor Creme Wax

Step 4: I removed the fabric that the seats were wrapped in and added another layer or quilt batting (just for a little extra cushioning). 

Step 5: I wrapped the seats using the butterfly pleat technique I found on The Painted Hive

Step 6: I used another microfiber cloth to buff the chairs after the wax dried and then reattached the seats. I also applied felt protectors to the chair legs to protect my floors.

Here's the finished product! All ready for my next dinner party!

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Paper Dahlia Wall Art

Paper Dahlia Wall Art

Farmhouse Inspired Dining Table

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