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Bedroom Refresh

Bedroom Refresh

I have done something to every room of my apartment except my bedroom. It’s time to give my bedroom a little makeover. I did not want a complete overhaul, I just wanted to refresh my space. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t want to challenge myself to do this on a budget. So I allowed myself a budget of $200.00. My bedroom is TINY, so $200.00 is more than enough. Let’s do this!

Here’s the before:

These are the things I wanted to do:

  • Buy new bedding

  • Add some wall art

  • Change the hardware on my dresser

  • Add decor (frames, flowers etc)

  • Update and hang mirror

  • New side tables

First I scoured Pinterest looking for a colour scheme and landed on this on from colorpalettes.net :


Since the space is so small, I wanted to keep the palette neutral and only add a small amount of colour in items that can easily be changed later. Time to go shopping!

DIY Projects and Items Purchased

  • I bought a Grey Pinch Pleat Duvet Set, a White Sheet Set, and Two Blue Velvet Cushion Covers from Amazon.

  • To add wall art, I made these Framed Stencils

  • I found a beautiful set of crystal and silver hardware from Homesense. Similar ones can be found here.

  • I was going to DIY a floral arrangement, however I ended finding an artificial one in a silver vase and two silver and grey picture frames at Homesense.

  • I updated and hung my thrift store mirror. Check out my mirror makeover post.

  • I actually changed these before I took the “before” photos. I initially had two Ikea black metal tables from my previous apartment where I had a large bedroom. Now that my bedroom is smaller, I sold those tables and replace them with two small black floating shelves I found on sale at Jysk.

I spent a total of $191.19.

Now for the finished product!

The changes are small but I love how it turned out! What do you think?

Until next time,


Wood and Wicker Side Table Makeover

Wood and Wicker Side Table Makeover

DIY Framed Stencils

DIY Framed Stencils